Tom Shackleton 
— Artist

Tom is a contemporary multimedia artist who graduated from Elam School of Fine Arts in 2020. He currently works out of his studio apartment in central Auckland.

Tom’s artistic practice leans towards collaboration and experimentation with traditionally unconventional ways of installing works. Previous and on-going works include large scale sculptures, screen-printing, collaborative video works, music production, film photography, graphic design and organising TOMFEST. Tom is interested in notions of “the gestalt” in installation; preferring to create immersive experiences over stand alone objects. He merges this concept with pop culture referents to create his own multi-dimensional universes, where his creations live.

Tom’s work has been shown at:
  • satchi and satchi and satchi, Auckland, NZ, 2019.
  • George Fraser Gallery, Auckland, NZ, 2019.
  • Project Space, Auckland, NZ, 2018.

Tom screen printing in his Wellington studio.